SAZEN  Sauna ✖️Zazen

Is there a synergistic effect of combining sauna and zazen?

Sazen is a zazen meditation followed by a tent sauna on the temple grounds.
By calming the mind through zazen and listening to the sermon of the abbot, one’s mind and self can be put in a flat state.

The tent sauna is a good time to reflect on the Zen “way of life” by itself, but by entering the sauna with a flat mind, and conversing and interacting with other participants, you can discover new ways to build and maintain relationships with others.

Such a thing is one of the advantages of SaZen.

  • Tired of daily busyness
  • People who want to be healed
  • People who like sauna

These people are sure to experience the best day of their lives.


Event Details


Venue:Koenoin(Soto sect)Yamanashi prefecture, Toru city, Natsukari 1884

Capacity: Up to 8 persons each on a first-come, first-served basis (advance reservations only)

Participation fee:7,000yen/person (3 hours per person)


・SaZen Tented Sauna (90 min.) + Zazen (60 min.) *Mask required
※Included in the price (firewood, pool (water bath), chair, aroma, sauna stone, tub, bench chair)
※In case of damage or defacement, the actual cost will be charged.

◎What you will need: towel (large and small), change of clothes, poncho (winter clothes), sandals, drink, mask, and swimsuit required under clothing during sauna. Please bring loose-fitting clothing for zazen.

【Payment Methods and Cancellation Policy】

A URL for payment will be sent to those who have applied separately by e-mail. Reservations will be considered complete upon completion of pre-payment. If we cannot confirm the payment within 24 hours after receiving the e-mail, the reservation will be cancelled. Please note that no refunds will be made for any reason for cancellations of participation or cancellations on the day of the event after payment has been made.

※Safety and security are our top priority, and in consideration of the spread of infectious diseases, we will take measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by declaring a state of emergency and implementing the Law for the Prevention of the Spread of Infectious Diseases.

We will make a decision based on the request from the local government and the local community. In accordance with the guidelines, we will take measures to prevent infectious diseases. Please be sure to wear a mask on the day of the event.

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