How to use

Rental Reservation

Please reserve your preferred date and time using the reservation form.
Reservations are not confirmed just by sending the reservation form.
We will contact you to confirm your reservation.

Pick up at store on the same day

On the day of your reservation, please come to SaunaLink to pick up your tent sauna.
We will lend you a set of equipment and explain the precautions you need to take, and then you can pay for the rental.

Enjoy the tent sauna

We will introduce some recommended spots so that you can fully enjoy your tent sauna at your favorite place.
If you have trouble setting up and taking down the tent, we can do it for a fee, so please contact us.

Return to the store on the way home

Please clean up your tools and return them to the store in their original condition.

Going home happy with memories

Please return home with care, soaking up the afterglow of a physically and mentally healthy trip.

Experience a tent sauna to connect with nature