Various materials

Hourly Rental Plans

Half Day Plan
(3 hours)
1 Day Plan
(6-8 hours)
Overnight Plan
(from around noon to the next morning)
mainframe set15,000 yen25,000 yen25,000 yen
recliningbench1,200 yen2,000 yen2,000 yen
Two-seatbench800 yen1,500 yen1,500 yen
One-seat bench300 yen500 yen500 yen
tarp1200 yen2,000 yen2,000 yen
pitched tent800 yen1,200 yen1,200 yen
Changing tent800 yen1,200 yen1,200 yen
Installation and removal support5,000 yen〜5,000 yen〜5,000 yen〜
*All prices above include tax.
*Support for installation and removal will vary depending on the distance from the store, so please inquire.

Optional accessories

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